DAML App Login issue

Hi, I am able to run daml app successfully at http://localhost:3000/ However i am not able to login using Alice::013b6687fdca4b4cf89ded5e0b181e953b2fc5fa16fb09c3073043c0f6f92ae100

It gives below error


The error message tells you that there is a mismatch between the Ledger ID configured in your UI (create-daml-app-sandbox), and the Ledger ID configured on your ledgers (participant1). You have two options:

  1. Change you UI code to use participant1. This can be done by setting the environment variable REACT_APP_LEDGER_ID.
  2. Configure your node to be called create-daml-app-sandbox

Option 1 is probably the way to go since usually you have no control over the Ledger ID.