Configure metric duration buckets?

Question: Is it it possible to configure the metric duration buckets? How?

Here is an example of a duration metric. Notice that the buckets are configured with range 0.01 - 10.0.

{path="/v1/create",le="0.01" ,..}
{path="/v1/create",le="0.05" ,..}
{path="/v1/create",le="0.1"  ,..} 
{path="/v1/create",le="0.15" ,..}
{path="/v1/create",le="0.2"  ,..} 
{path="/v1/create",le="0.25" ,..}
{path="/v1/create",le="0.35" ,..}
{path="/v1/create",le="0.5"  ,..} 
{path="/v1/create",le="0.75" ,..}
{path="/v1/create",le="1.0"  ,..} 
{path="/v1/create",le="2.5"  ,..} 
{path="/v1/create",le="5.0"  ,..} 
{path="/v1/create",le="10.0" ,..}
{path="/v1/create",le="+Inf" ,..}

Is it possible to change the maximum bucket to 120.0 instead of 10.0, for example.

Are these ranges hard-coded? Or dynamically adjusted at runtime based on measured values? Or configurable via a configuration file for Canton, or Prometheus, or Grafana, or OpenTelemetry, or DropWizard?

There is nothing specific in the as you can see.

However try these three links:

Thanks for the question, this granular query is worth a deeper dive.

Hope this helps, BM.