Choosing fabric channel at runtime

I was going through the daml-on-fabric repository. I found that the Fabric channel on which DAML works is specified here. Is it possible to dynamically choose the channel at runtime? (eg: specifying channel name while hitting DAML HTTP JSON API Service). I want certain transactions to be on a different channel. I’m new to DAML, Please correct me if I’m thinking in the wrong direction.


Hi @basilky the channel used is the one specified in the config file as you have linked.

The JSON api is one level above the specific ledger concerns so does not know anything about Fabric being used directly, hence Fabric specific config is not available at that level.

What is the reason you would be looking to put different transactions on different channels? Theoretically you could spin up multiple daml-on-fabric instances, each running as a separate process on a separate port configured to a separate channel. You would need to have a JSON api instance configured to each. In that setup you would effectively be running two completely independent blockchain instances, however.

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Also at least somewhat related and worth noting that there are other constructs to have privacy in Daml: