Canton REPL Font Colour Hard to Read

Hi Canton Team,

Just speccing up my Ubuntu Server with Canton Community 0.27.0, ran the cmd:

bin/canton -c examples/01-simple-topology/simple-topology.conf and noted that the two top lines after the command in the terminal are very hard to read.

I am using Raspberry Pi O/S on an RPIv4 with the LXDE terminal over SSH to admin the Canton instance.

I suggest modifying the default colour from Dark_Blue to White for the two lines:

Compiling (synthetic)/ammonite/predef/
Compiling /home/qadmin/opt/canton-community-0.27.0/(console)

Screenshot attached.Canton_REPL_Capture_2021-09-08_21-03


Hi @quidagis

The colors are ammonites default settings and we haven’t really touched them. The way Canton appears also depends a bit on your terminal settings. Therefore it is tricky to find one setting that works for all users.

The upcoming release will allow adjusting some ammonite configs:
Part of that is turning off the colors.

Will that help?


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Hi @Ratko_Veprek I think that would be the best solution.

I tested in my LXDE_Terminal and the only way to have all the Canton shell outputs easy-to-see is to use BG=Black, FG=White or some highly contrasting theme.

Great work on the configs, thanks :+1:t2: