Can not open Daml Studio from terminal

Does this also happen to anyone else?
I am not able to fire Daml Studio directly from the terminal.

Everytime I have to manually open Visual Studio and re-install ‘code’ command in PATH

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You need to have code in your PATH for daml studio to work. The best resources on how to achieve that are in the Visual Studio Code documentation:

  • Adding to PATH on macOS.
  • The documentation says it’s done automatically as part of the installation on Windows and Linux.

Would you mind clarifying which platform you’re on? If on macOS, can you try following the instructions from the docs? If you’ve already done that or are not on macOS, please provide more information on your setup:

  • Which OS are you on?
  • What shell are you running? Do you know how your PATH is currently setup? If you’re not using the default shell for your OS it’s possible the installation procedure updated the “wrong” configuration.
  • How did you install VSCode?

Hi @Olivia_Yu :wave:

Did @Gary_Verhaegen’s instructions help? Were you able to get Daml Studio up an running?