Witness parties in PQS

I am trying to run PQS and I am using the --pipeline-filter-parties argument for a single party. I am noticing that in the _creates table the witnesses column seems to only ever include the single party that I used for running PQS – even if there are other witness parties. How can I access these other witness parties? I want to serve an API that reads from the PQS DB but only returns data based on the parties that the API caller has access to – hence I need to know the witness parties to determine what contracts to show.

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Hi @huw,

You are correct. We are looking to imminently address this by exposing observers/signatories in preference to witnesses for exactly the reason you have identified. We want to be able to qualify privacy-compliant reads, against a PQS datastore even beyond the party authorization of the Ledger API user that obtained the data.

We will also look to extend the Read API to provide an easy way to describe your read scope - in a similar way to how you manage offsets. eg. β€œplease restrict my visibility to just party X”


Thank you @fil . Any timeline on when this feature may become available?

I am targeting a fix for this available to you within the next week.

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