Why is JSON API --access-token-file no longer needed

I noticed that in DAML connect release 1.17.0 that the --access-token-file CLI option for the JSON API is no longer needed and therefore deprecated. Why is this? Doesn’t the JSON API need to download packages from the ledger to get the template/choice schemas?


The HTTP JSON API now uses the token in the requests to (if needed) update its package cache.

If you want to know more about why we made this change, the tl;dr is that this simplifies deployments and you can find more details in the issue on GitHub (and if you want all the nitty gritty implementation details there’s a link to the PR that made this happen there).


Thanks for that explanation. I can see why this change is useful as I’ve been working on building some customized scripts myself for refreshing the token file. Good to see I no longer need them :slight_smile: