Why doesn't a Reset Primitive event occur?

The more pressing need would be to update the CDM Swaps example to the latest version of the CDM itself. The standard has been moving quite fast and we haven’t been able to keep the example up-to-date due to resource constraints. If you were to tackle this migration, I’d be happy to put you in touch with ISDA for support on the changes in the CDM itself, and of course would be grateful to take those PRs in.

On your problem at hand regarding the reset event, it’s hard to judge from the messages itself what’s going wrong. Indeed, debugging will help you here to a great extent. To this end you can spread debug statements throughout the code paths taken in order to pinpoint where things are going wrong.

debug (someVariable)

Note that you need to be in a do block to be able to use debug. The variable that you want to show needs a Show instance, the simplest thing to do here is to just log Text.

You can then run the sandbox with the --log-level=DEBUG flag to turn on logging of these. This answer explains that in detail. Hope this helps you resolve the issue!

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