ISDA CDM Event Specification Module as DAML - Do we have builder functions on Multiple Payouts?

Hi there,

I am very interested in the ISDA CDM Event Specification Module as DAML (GitHub - digital-asset/lib-cdm-event-specification-module), and hope to try out some builder events using different kinds of payout in a contract.

As far as I can see now, the ISDA CDM Event Specification Module as DAML is supporting builder functions to create events linked with:

  • Interest Rate Payout, and
  • Cashflow Payout structure

However, the “builder event functions” for some other CDM payout structures are still not supported yet, e.g.

  • OptionPayout,
  • EquityPayout, and
  • ForwardPayout

I also noticed that some economic terms are unsupported in current ISDA CDM Event Specification Module as DAML, either, e.g.

  • earlyTerminationProvision, etc.

So my questions are:

  • Do we have builder functions on some other Multiple Payouts / Economic Terms to “create derived CDM events”? e.g.

    • event functions such that option strike will be used to determine the expiry payment and derive a payment event?
  • Will there be more examples & documentations in terms of how to use ISDA CDM Event Specification Module in a standardized way, so that contract defined in different vendors can be communicated using Event Specification Module seamlessly?

  • Will there be any plan on the further developments & upgrades of ISDA CDM Event Specification Module as DAML?

Great thanks!


We currently only support IRS and CDS payout creation and associated events. As for further implementations of other payouts and event derivations we take a customer-driven approach. If you have a use case / project at hand, please reach out so we can see how we can support you.

As long as each vendor implementation uses the same model they should be able to interoperate seamlessly. And even if the DAML implementation differs slightly, the standardized CDM types still provide a way for straight-forward interop.

As you might have noticed, the supported CDM version in the Event Specification Module lags quite a bit the latest one available in the CDM portal. This is mostly due to the rapid evolution of the standard, which makes it difficult to keep implementations in sync at the moment. As mentioned above we’re open to further extend the module and upgrade it to a more recent version if there’s customer demand.

As an aside: we do plan to add an additional CDM model implementation for derivative clearing workflows in the near future. This will be based on the latest version of the CDM.