Where are projects deployed in Dabl hosted?

Hi Dabl team,

May I know where are projects deployed in Dabl hosted ?

  • Is it using a specific Cloud provider e.g: AWS / GCP / Azure ?
  • Any specific location e.g: Singapore, North America, Australia ?
  • Is it possible to specify the cloud provider and / or location ?

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Hi @jaypeeda ! Currently, when you are using projectdabl.com, you are hosted in North America. Unfortunately we do not provide options for picking a cloud provider and/or location.

This question also covers some options in greater detail: Where is project:DABL hosted?

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So it will always be hosted in North America if I use https://projectdabl.com; and Australia if I use https://asx.projectdabl.com

  • Is there any other location that are available ?
  • May I also know which cloud provider is Dabl using ? (AWS / Azure / On-Prem / ?)

Other locations are not currently available on projectdabl.com, but the ASX instance was specifically created to help ASX work with its customers and partners in the Australia region. Additional whitelabel instances are something that we do support that do offer far greater options for customization, but that requires a bit more of a commitment (and something we can also talk about offline).

In terms of cloud providers, the answer is a bit complicated at the moment because we’re currently in the process of evaluating a switch (this will be transparent to all users of Daml Hub); I can provide a firmer answer on this front in a few months.

Out of curiosity do you have specific region/cloud provider requirements?

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