What is Canton default database ? Can participant see the db config?

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I would like to know what is the default db in a canton participant node? (Is there any ? Is it postgre?)
Does canton expose this database’s configuration ?
Can participant see the db config ?

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On top of @davidpadbury 's answer, I will also add @soren’s answer:

There’s no default storage configuration for a participant, but it has to be configured in the config file under participants.$yourParticipant.storage . You can choose between in-memory, h2, and postgres (and soon oracle). take a look in the release artifact under examples/03-advanced-configuration for re-usable storage configs and the docs: Static Configuration — Canton 0.22.0 documentation

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Hi @jaypeeda,

You have to specify a storage configuration for each node (ref). Canton Community supports Postgres and is what we’d suggest for normal operation.

How do you mean expose?



@davidpadbury thanks as usual !

By exposed I meant from the participant console. @soren gave me below answer which responded to this question:

"you can get the entire participant config via yourParticipant.config and yourParticipant.config.storage for the storage specific subsection"

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