VS Code: Template building: Provide template constructor and choice argument docs

I find when building daml templates there is a lot of scrolling up and down the page when trying to build create statements in choices and when building tests. You are scrolling (or having multiple panels open to look at different sections of the file) because code completion or hover documentation is very limited for understanding what fields are needed.


If i ran:

    org1Cid <- submit org1 do
        createCmd Organization with
            name = "My Org"
            root = org1

You must know what the fields are for Organization.

If i had another choice in another contract that created Organization you would also need to know this information. But there is currently no auto complete (such as populating all arguments) and there is no hover docs such as hovering over “Organization” does not provide the construction info (same problem when working with choices: there is not argument info).

it would be SUPER helpful and increase template build productivity to provide this information in the hover and potentially provide some auto-completion helpers that pre-populate all arguments. (yes there are short forms where you don’t need every fieldName = fieldValue format, but right now there is ~nothing and it is very time consuming to scroll up and down or work with multiple editor panels.


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Thanks for the feedback @StephenOTT :slight_smile: