View signatories in DAML studio table output

I’m currently learning DAML and have found myself asking a lot “who are the signatories of this contract?”, particularly in the table view. I wondered if there’s some easy way to who they are. It’s also not particularly clear to me in the transaction view either but I may not be understanding its output.

I also thought that it would be nice if the UI highlighted different types of parties in the columns - a signatory could be underlined (mnemonic being that you sign a contract on the line), observers could be in italics etc.


At the moment you cannot display them in the table output but I fully agree that this would be useful!

The best option I’m aware of atm is to use a trace statement and then look at the transaction view. E.g., if you have a contract id cid you can use

  c <- submit myparty (fetch cid)
  debug (signatory c)

to print out the signatories. However, that requires that you have a party that can fetch this contract and that you have access to a contract id so it might be tricky to use in some cases.


This is a great suggestion.

I opened an issue for it.


@Martin_Huschenbett integrated this suggestion and some other improvements to the transaction view. Check it out.


This is fantastic, thanks @Martin_Huschenbett!