Verbosity of daml scripts

Hi all,

When running a daml script to populate a multi-participant canton network, is there a way to increase the verbosity of the script runner?

A user reports that a daml script didn’t finish within a reasonable time frame (i.e. they let the script run for 15 minutes, while the expected runtime would be a few seconds). However, there was no output that would explain what went wrong.
Is the only way to debug this to inspect the logs of the individual participants and to try and piece it together from there?

If you run it from a sdk installation you should be able to increase the log level in ~/.daml/sdk/<current_version>/daml-sdk/script-logback.xml (not sure about the place on Windows).

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I went and looked at this file, attempted to modify <logger name="daml.tracelog" level="WARN" /> to <logger name="daml.tracelog" level="DEBUG" /> however I noted that allegedly I do not have permission to modify this file.

I changed the file permissions to +rwx, made the change and reverted them -wx.

Is this an intentional restriction on that directory, even though it is sub-directory of my $USER/.daml?

Please don’t edit the SDK files. They’re deliberately read only to avoid having to figure out which files may have been edited when people report bugs.
Take a look at How can I make debug statements visible in the sandbox logs? - #2 by cocreature for how you can modify the logback config without editing the file included in the SDK.


Thanks for the heads-up, I will revert that string today :+1:t2: