Using The submitMulti command with DAML navigator

Hello everyone,

I would like to find out if there are any plans to support the submission of multi party commands through the DAML navigator.

Having this supported would allow developers replicate commands they define in DAML scripts


Right now there are no immediate plans for the inclusion of this feature. Can you help me understand the use case a bit better? What do you mean exactly by “replicate commands”? Do you just mean generically submitting multi-party commands? Why do you need to do that more specifically? Why is Daml Script not a good fit for your problem?

Thank you for the reply

I should have used reproduced instead, that is being able to execute all the commands you can define in a script through a user interaction on the navigator. Not having the option to have a readAs view of another party means that the following cannot be done with the navigator

submitMulti[voter][public] do
   — exercise choice on a public proposal

This of course limits what actions can be reproduced from defined DAML script logic - replicate was a wrong word

From the launch screen, the navigator does not allow party selection from the Dropdown in a way which could

a) Generate a token to make it possible to readAs the public party and actAs the voter

b) View contracts disclosed to the public party when logged in as the voter.

Currently, in order to view contracts disclosed to the public party for example, I would have to log in as the public party. I hope this helps clarify the question

Thanks for the clarifications. Can you help me understand though why you need this to happen in Navigator? What makes Daml Script a poor fit for what you are ultimately trying to achieve?

Thank you for the reply.

DAML scripts can be used to achieve multiparty submissions but the forms & ui elements visible on the navigator are nicer to view and go through during a presentation.

Being able to create a contract similar to one created by an initiliazation script with a multi party command through the navigator could be useful to have since the audience being presented to would have to track fewer commands and data definitions.

OK, thanks for the clarification. Am I right in saying that your wish is to allow to visually illustrate a Daml workflow to prospective users or customers? To that end, have you considered using the HTTP JSON API Service and our React.js bindings? I understand that the effort is higher and that by having this you’d be able to achieve your goal with a smaller effort, but I’d like to understand if those at least offer you some way forward of if that tool is not ultimately a good fit either.

Thank you for the reply.

Yes, the HTTP JSON API Service and React.js bindings offer a way forward.

For local development, I had no issues with generating and using tokens with more than one readAs claim against the JSON API so I could go with that approach when necessary.

I have not really done much with the react.js bindings but I will try to use them more now