Using @daml/ledger to query ledger - declaring template`


I am trying to use @daml/ledger to perform an api call to v1/query and I am having troubles passing the template to the function. (Ledger connection works fine as ledger.listPackages() returns a correct result).

import Ledger from  '@daml/ledger';
import { Choice, ContractId, List, lookupTemplate, Party, Template, Text} from '@daml/types';
var authToken = {'token':token,'httpBaseUrl':httpurl,'wsBaseUrl':wsurl,'reconnectThreshold':12000};
var reportLedger = new Ledger(authToken);

var template_details = ???

var query_result = reportLedger.query(template_details)

I got the implementation of the template from the @daml/types and it appears that it requires the following variables:

  • templateId,
  • sdkVersion
  • keyDecoder
  • keyEncode
  • Archive
  • decoder
  • encode

The first two are easy enough, but the latter are not.

But tbf I have no idea of what I am missing.

I tried to implement the guidance from DAML documentation of HTTP JSON API Service to create basic CURL requests like below:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer my_token" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"templateIds": ["Iou:Iou"],"query": {"amount": 999.99}}' -X POST http://localhost:7500/v1/query

However, that also returned unexpected results (I expected an empty response):

{"errors":["JwtDecoder.Error: 'decode, The token was expected to have 3 parts, but got 1."],"status":401}

I am not using any authentication and I am running daml json-api with --allow-insecure-tokens option.

Is there any detailed documentation that explains this?

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Hi Alex, @daml/ledger is really intended to be used in combination with the JavaScript codegen which will generate the template for you. I recommend the related post at Attempting to create a contract is sending the wrong templateId for some more details on that.