Updating a party's display name

Hello all, is it at all possible to change a party’s display name after allocation. Via the Json API doesn’t seem to be possible, but is this something that can be achieved either on ledger API or canton console?
Thank you.

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From the Canton console you can use <participant_name>.parties.set_display_name. From the Ledger API you can use PartyManagementService#UpdatePartyDetails (which is what the Canton Console calls, ultimately). In the Java bindings, you can use this to access the PartyManagementService.

Thank you for the quick reply, are you planning on including this on the Json Api sometime soon, or is it not foreseen? And, is this achievable on Daml Hub?

I am not aware of plans to include this in the JSON API.

I believe this should be achievable using Daml Hub since it exposes the Ledger API.

Hello! Since Daml Script accesses the Ledger API, is this doable via Daml Script?

It’s not exposed in Daml Script.

Thanks, cocreature.