Transaction view in Daml VSCode extension shows incorrect actor for Fetch action


It seems the transaction view in Daml VSCode extension shows something that conflicts with the documentation here.

According to the documentation, “if the fetch appears in an update block of a choice ch on a contract c1, and the fetched contract ID resolves to a contract c2, then the actors are defined as the intersection of (1) the signatories of c1 union the controllers of ch with (2) the stakeholders of c2.”

However, my transaction view shows a fetch actor who is not in that intersection.

I’m trying to reproduce this example, with the following templates and test script:

template Iou
    bank: Party
    owner: Party
    signatory bank
    observer owner

template ShowIou
    owner: Party
    painter: Party
    signatory owner
    observer painter
    choice ShowToPainter: Iou
        iouID: ContractId Iou
      controller owner
        do fetch iouID
iou <- submit bank do
    createCmd Iou with
      bank = bank
      owner = alice

  submit alice do
    createAndExerciseCmd (ShowIou alice painter) ShowToPainter with iouID = iou

The transaction view shows the following:

  TX 0 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z (Main:223:10)
  │   referenced by #1:2
  │   disclosed to (since): 'Alice' (0), 'Bank' (0)
  │   divulged to (since): 'Painter' (1)
  └─> 'Bank' creates Main:Iou
               bank = 'Bank'; owner = 'Alice'
  TX 1 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z (Main:228:3)
  │   consumed by: #1:1
  │   referenced by #1:1
  │   disclosed to (since): 'Alice' (1), 'Painter' (1)
  └─> 'Alice' creates Main:ShowIou
                owner = 'Alice'; painter = 'Painter'
  │   disclosed to (since): 'Alice' (1), 'Painter' (1)
  └─> 'Alice' exercises ShowToPainter on #1:0 (Main:ShowIou)
                iouID = #0:0
      │   disclosed to (since): 'Alice' (1), 'Painter' (1), 'Bank' (1)
      └─> 'Bank' fetches #0:0 (Main:Iou)

My concern is the last line in the transaction view, because according to the documentation, the expected actor should be ‘Alice’ (who is both the controller of ShowToPainter and stakeholder of iou), however, the actual actor is ‘Bank’ as shown above.

Could anyone explain what I’m missing or is this a bug in the SDK? Thanks a lot!

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Hi @Sai , you are spot on, this appears to be a bug in the SDK.

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Hi @Sai, thank you for reporting this. As Bernhard mentioned, this appears to be a bug in the SDK and we’re now tracking it on GitHub [IDE shows wrong actor(s) for fetch nodes · Issue #17729 · digital-asset/daml · GitHub]

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