Test coverage showing as greater than 100%

When running daml test we are getting a total test coverage result of greater than 100%.

test coverage: templates 5450%, choices 9167%

Do you know what the cause may be? Our dar imports a couple of others via data-dependencies so could it be that in the percentage calculation logic is including lines it covers in those?

Hi @Turan, thank you for raising this. It looks like even non-data dependencies can cause this if the scripts in the “main” module create templates defined in the dependencies. I’ve opened `daml test` coverage report shows pecentages over 100 when using templates from dependencies · Issue #14309 · digital-asset/daml · GitHub to track this.

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I see this was resolved. Which daml release did (will it) make it into?

Hi @Turan , this will make it into Daml release 2.5.0.