Setting configuration for Canton sandbox in Daml 2.0

I have a config file canton.conf with the following setting in it:

canton.participants.sandbox.unsafeEnableDamlLfDevVersion = true

However, when I start the Canton sandbox I get the following error:

ERROR c.d.c.CantonCommunityApp$ - GENERIC_CONFIG_ERROR(8,0): Cannot convert configuration to a config of class com.digitalasset.canton.config.CantonCommunityConfig. Failures are:
  at 'canton.participants.sandbox.unsafeEnableDamlLfDevVersion':
    - (canton.conf: 1) Unknown key.
ERROR c.d.c.CantonCommunityApp$ - An error occurred after parsing a config file that was obtained by merging multiple config files. The resulting merged-together config file, for which the error occurred, was written to 'canton-config-error-5352375270016503302.conf'.

What am I doing wrong? Is the key somehow different to what I inferred from the docs?

canton.participants.sandbox.parameters.unsafe-enable-daml-lf-dev-version = true

is the right config

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