Sender can un-allocate their Holdings on Settlement Instruction

In the default implementation of Instruction it is possible for the sender to pledge their Holding, then call the Allocate choice again but with allocation set to Unallocated. I would have thought the desired behaviour is to make sure the Holding is locked for settlement until after a set amount of time, the sender can un-allocate their Holding?

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Hi @huw,

Thanks for bringing up that point. The decision was influenced by the possibility that users could otherwise wait until just before the settlement time to allocate their holdings. We aimed for a balance between flexibility and commitment in this process.

It’s worth pointing out that we have not implemented any penalty mechanism for senders or receivers who fail to allocate/approve their holdings before the settlement time. However, this can be addressed with a custom additional contract. Such a contract could, for example, enable the rolling over of unsettled batches to the next settlement cycle and introduce penalties for those who miss the deadline.

Hope that answers your question,