Resource Sizing guidelines

I’m looking for some high-level resource sizing guidelines prescribed by DA (compute and memory required) for the JSON API, the DAML participant node and the canton components based on some volumetrics like no. of users, no of transactions, no. of Assets etc.

Hi @senrav

In answer to your query, try these resources first, and I will see if I can source more specific minimum configurations for your request:

  1. JSON API Index
  2. JSON API Production Setup
  3. PostGRES High Availability
  4. setup-canton-to-get-best-performance
  5. Canton Max Connection Settings
  6. Java Virtual Machine Arguments

From setup-canton-to-get-best-performance: " Configure generous resource limits."

From previous questions asked of the Canton Team:

“It is recommended a machine with at least 4GB of memory. For our own deployments we normally just use the standard VM images that typically start at 8GB.”

Let me know if this helps, and if you need further information.

Thanks for this. Any input on the compute required for Canton like what you have provided for memory?