Postman request to exercise a choice - "The requested resource could not be found."

Hello Guys,

I am trying to make a simple postman call to exercise a choice from the following DAML code. I have published the DAML code in the hub and got my ledgerid and created the parties as well. It is a simple Alice and Bob example where they greet each other.

Now I am using the following URL with post method:


I added the Authorization in the header as follows:

“Authorization”: “Bearer {jwt token for the party}”

I have the following as the body

“templateId”: “###module:template”,
“contractId”: “### I am a little bit confused on what to do here. I am looking at the documentation and I am a little doubtful about this.”,
“choice”: “### choice name”,
“arguments”: {
### passed all the

I am getting the “The requested resource could not be found.” error. Can someone please help me on what URL I need to use here.

If you go to the Live Data view, you should be able to see a set of existing contracts, and you take one of those contract IDs and put that in the contractId field in order to exercise a choice.

If you haven’t created any contracts at all yet, you’ll have to do that (use the /v1/create endpoint); then you’ll have a contract ID that you can subsequently exercise choices on.