Parse error on input

This is a bare bones template code, but not compiling due to error in line: template aTemplate

module Test where

template aTemplate
owner: Party
signatory owner

I tried changing its name, putting it in a different module, … but the error shows at the same exact place. Any suggestions on what could be wrong here?

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Hi @Neelam_Dwivedi

Please refer to Daml Templates

Your template name must start with a Capital Letter, so your name of aTemplate needs to be Atemplate.

  • This is the name of the template. It’s preceded by template keyword. Must begin with a capital letter.
  • This is the highest level of nesting.
  • The name is used when creating a contract of this template (usually, from within a choice).

Hope this helps.

Thanks @Ben_M !! I knew I was doing something dumb! I will remember that one now :slight_smile:

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Happy to help.

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