One Party on many Participants: Does it increase latency for transaction involving this party?

Hello there,
We are wondering about how does Canton domain work in case we have a party A registered on 2 participant nodes and a transaction is submitted?
Will it increase latency as synchronisation needs to cover additional node? E.g. For a contract that requires signature A, does mediator now needs to wait for confirmation from both A on participant 1 and A on participant 2, or simply from one of them.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Hi @Judy_Wu

The trust assumption is that parties trusts their participants. Hence, for each party, we need to have at least one confirmation of a participant that is hosting it. Both participants will respond with a verdict, but only one is needed by the mediator.

I hope that helps!

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Thanks @Ratko_Veprek for the fast reply.
Hope to double check if there’s a feature to mark one of the participant as a “Readonly Participant” so that it does not respond with a verdict but only listen to contract updates confirmation from mediator.

We are asking this, as we are wondering if we add in this “Readonly Participant” with it publishing duplicate (not sure if it’s the right wording) verdicts, it will affect domain performance