On Daml Hub, not all ledger parties are listed on the console UI and in the parties.json

I’m exploring how I can use the Daml UI template on Daml Hub (as probably some of you have noticed reading my other forum questions).

My experience is that I can interact with the app as any Daml Hub user after logging in with the “LOG IN WITH DABL” button.

I guess this is possible because “Daml Hub application ledgers use implicit party allocation”, see the Daml Hub docs.

I can create assets as and give away assets to the party created in this way.

The problem is, that such an implicit party is not listed anywhere on the console UI where parties are listed (in the “Identities” and the “Live data” section), nor in the parties.json file which can be downloaded on the console UI, nor in the result of the ‘/v1/parties’ API call.

I don’t think this is intentional.


Indeed…we can reproduce the problem and are working on a fix, which should hopefully arrive either today or tomorrow. Thanks for brining this to our attention!

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Sorry, to slightly clarify:

  • We’re working on restoring other parties missing under /v1/parties.
  • The fact that you can reference non-allocated parties is because of implicit party allocation, but once the aforementioned bug is fixed, these parties will show up under /v1/parties as well.
  • Switching to explicit party allocation is something that will happen in the first half of 2022, so you shouldn’t necessarily rely on being able to refer to non-existent parties.

Thanks for the clarification

Nice catch :+1:t2:

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As far as I can see, the Daml Chat example currently relies on implicit party allocation. Is that right? If yes, you will have to change this after switching to explicit party allocation.