Olusegun Oluwajebe, MD, CISA from Lagos, Nigeria

I am Olusegun , I am a Certified Information Systems Auditor and an MD of almost three decades. I have worked in Family Practice, and Health Insurance and got involved in IT as a Web Developper in the late 90s.

I was a pioneer in the implementation of Health Insurance in Nigeria: I have worked at Senior Managerial, Executive and Board Levels for four different HMOs.

About to wrap up an Msc in Financial Engineering at the WorldQuant University. Currently on my Capstone on Automating Interest Rate Swaps with the DAML.

I discovered DAML while researching blockchain for Smart Derivatives Contracting for my Capstone Project.

I will also be interested in the use of this wonderful platform in the Health Space in Africa.

I am working from Lagos Nigeria presently.

Thank you for open-sourcing the platform.

Best Regards,



Congratulations! Will you be able to share your capstone once it’s complete and your degree is finished?

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Hi Anthony,

Thanks and will be glad to share the project.

Best Regards,



Welcome to the forums, Olusegun! Glad to have you here.

Thank you Georg.

You made it happen.

Great to have you here @Olusegun :muscle:

I see already really good interaction.

Which specific topics in the healthcare space are you interested in?


Hello Francesco,

Feel like a member of the community already.

I will be interested in Healthcare Intermediation. There is potential for automating in and end to end fashion with DAML in the HMO Network.

But I have to get the Fin. Engine Msc over in a few weeks.

Thank you for the welcome card looks beautiful.


sounds good @Olusegun :grinning:


Hi and welcome. I lead DA’s work in the healthcare space. When you’re done with your Captsone, give me a holler. Happy to talk about straight-thru healthcare workflows with DAML.

Cheers and good luck

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Its great meeting you.

I look forward to talking the DAML healthcare workflow with you.

I will be through by next week.

Really thanks

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Heya @Olusegun … checking in … how’d the msc go?

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Apologies Corey et al,

Got swamped with another consulting project.

Great news guys. MSc under the belt.

Could not have done the Capstone without you guys.

Though it was a battle with my Supervisor. He felt I was biting more than I could chew.

But the DAML CDS IRS made it relatively easy.

I am more excited with the news of the ISDA and DA taking the clearinghouse forward.

That was what my project was really on.

Ready to be a full fledged member of the community.

I just applied for partnership channel for my firm, Enthusia Consulting.

Love you all.



Congrats on the MSc!


Congrats @Olusegun and welcome back!

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Thanks Anthony.

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Hello all,

Please check out the link to my SSRN paper on the MSc FE capstone on another part of discuss.

Thank you.

Best Regards