Non-root events not included in projection

Hi, in the custom views library I am using the BatchSource.exercisedEvents as my source. It appears that it is not including ExercisedEvents which are not at the root of a transaction tree. Is this expected behaviour? Hopefully it is just a mistake on my part. Is there a way to access ExercsedEvents anywhere in the transaction trees?

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Can I please get some update on this?

This looks like a bug to me unfortunately. custom-views/Consumer.scala at 9a3c0a4f1af7b88fd675bd06c0122922438d1610 · digital-asset/custom-views · GitHub only returns root event ids.

Yeah I saw that… Are you planning to fix this? Otherwise I can write a PR for this, I guess it should be fairly straighforward to change.

A PR would be most welcome :slight_smile:

PR created Return all events from transaction trees including non-root events by hgrano · Pull Request #28 · digital-asset/custom-views · GitHub :slight_smile: