MultiParty List for Signatories

On Page 105 of the Daml.SDK: Template-local Definitions

    allParties = [exampleParty, exampleParty2, exampleParty3] Signatory parties

signatory exampleParty

Can you assign multiple Parties to the signatory using the same method as the Let block?

signatory = [exampleParty, exampleParty2, exampleParty3]

If so, is this the correct format?

signatory = [alisonBobber, charlieDennis, egbertFrancis]
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You need to drop the equal sign so something like

signatory [exampleParty, exampleParty2, exampleParty3]

You can also drop the brackets if you want

signatory exampleParty, exampleParty2, exampleParty3