We are having error below during our performance testing:

java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: io.grpc.StatusRuntimeException: ABORTED: MEDIATOR_SAYS_TX_TIMED_OUT(2,e96f20a5): Rejected transaction as the mediator did not receive sufficient confirmations within the expected timeframe.

All error codes are documented. You can see the documented for MEDIATOR_SAYS_TX_TIMED_OUT here. Hope this helps.

@stefanobaghino-da thank you sir.

We are also facing the similiar error. In our case we are running single node participant and there is no unresponsiveParties printed in the logs.

Is there any config to increase the MEDIATOR_SAYS_TX_TIMED_OUT parameter?

Thank you.

Hello @mersalin ,
The behavior depends on the protocol version you are running on the domain. As indicated in the documentation, the unresponsiveParties is set only for protocol version 6, which is currently unstable (not suited for production). This protocol version will be released as part of Canton 2.9, which will happen later this year.

If the protocol version configured on your domain is >= 4, then you can increase the participantResponseTimeout to give more time to your participants to send the confirmation response (see Manage Domains — Daml SDK 2.8.1 documentation). Note that by default the value is 30s which should be sufficient except if the system is under heavy load.

Hope this helps.