Max payload size on Canton

Hi Team,

I have a follow-up question from this: Max Payload Size

Is this applicable to Canton, i.e. once we have introduced all the components in the path (participant node, sequencer, mediator, etc).

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Hi KC,

Canton also uses GRPC for communication between nodes. Therefore, any message exchanged between nodes needs to be <=2GB.

In the default configuration, we apply a default limit of 4MB. If you run into errors, you may want to increase it. The relevant settings are here:


Unfortunately, due to GRPC limitations, Canton will reject a command with a low-level exception, if the corresponding transaction is too big. We are working on this.

Hope that answers your question,

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Thanks @MatthiasSchmalz So I will assume that the limiting factor is on GRPC, and not in any components along side the path. Thanks again.