Max length of transactionId and eventId?

  1. Are there any length guarantees on the transactionId and eventId on Canton for PostGres?

  2. We are integrating our Daml-based sytem with another system that uses RDBMS as permanent storage and needs the maximum length of a transactionId and eventId. What should be the max length to assume for these?

Any ideas, anyone?

There is no defined max length for neither the evnetId nor the transactionId and this is intentional, to support changing how they are particularly generated, in the future. The type used in the DBs of canton nodes is Text while in our codebase the type used to represent them is String. At the time of writing this reply the transactionId is a 128 bit value represented in hex, while the eventId is derived from this value, by adding a prefix(‘#’) and a suffix(‘:{sequence number}’).

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