List queries over the JSON API

Hi Team,

I am facing below error in the new version of SDK. Could someone help me in why am facing this which use to work fine.? Is there any syntax change?

[ ‘java.lang.RuntimeException: PrimTypeList not supported’ ]

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Hi @Sneha,

That looks like you are relying on the querying support for lists in the JSON API. That has been removed in SDK 1.0.0 (see The reason for the removal is that it didn’t turn out to be particularly useful since it only allowed for exact matches whereas you usually want a more relaxed query, e.g., that the list contains a specific element.

To recover the previous behavior, remove the list query from the API call to the JSON API and instead filter the result on the client side.


Oh ok.
Thanks for the info @cocreature, this helps.

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