Lib-daml-jvm-test fails to shutdown sandbox

I’m trying to use GitHub - digital-asset/lib-daml-jvm-test: A library providing functions for testing DAML applications on JVM. on Windows Server 2016. I’ve tried copying the example from the README and can see it is logging “Stopped sandbox” at the end of the tests. However, after doing this I can see the sandbox is still up using grpcurl. I also notice that when running the test suite again it uses the same port for the sandbox. Fails to bind to the port again but still runs the tests.

Thank you very much for reporting this. (We had issues with stopping the sandbox in the past.)
Can you tell us your Daml SDK version?
It would also be a valuable feedback if you could run mvn verfiy on e.g. this project: GitHub - digital-asset/ex-bond-issuance: Reference DAML application demonstrating a bond issuance use case. . In the meantime we are looking for a way to reproduce this on our end.