Internal template choice

I have a simple template with one choice and a script that creates a contract and exercises the choice. When I run daml test, it gives the summary shown below which says that there are two choices in the template. Is there a hidden choice somewhere? How can I test that choice to make test-coverage 100%

Test Summary

daml/Main.daml:testBankService: ok, 1 active contracts, 2 transactions.
Modules internal to this package:
- Internal templates
  1 defined
  1 (100.0%) created
- Internal template choices
  2 defined
  1 ( 50.0%) exercised

Here is the code:

module BankService where 

template BankAccount 
       bank: Party
       accountOwner: Party
       balance: Numeric 2
        signatory bank, accountOwner

        choice Deposit: ContractId BankAccount 
            with amount: Numeric 2 
            controller accountOwner
                    create this with
                        balance = balance + amount
module Main where

import Daml.Script
import BankService

testBankService : Script ()
testBankService = script do
 bank <- allocateParty "Bank"  
 alice <- allocateParty "Alice"

 aliceAccountCid <- submitMulti [bank, alice][] do
   createCmd BankAccount with
     accountOwner = alice
     balance = 100.00

 aliceAccountCid <- submit alice do
     exerciseCmd aliceAccountCid Deposit
         amount = 20.00
 return ()

Hi @Neelam_Dwivedi,

Archive is a consoming choice which is implicitly defined for all templates. I’m not sure if a direct test is required for it, but that would be my guess here.

Got it! Thanks @Mate_Varga !