Initialise Sandbox with script

Mod note: As of SDK 1.5.0 Scenarios have been superseded by the more powerful Daml Script. We now recommend using that for all purposes. For more information, and to learn how to use Script please check out @Andreas’ post on our blog.

Previously it was possible to setup a Sandbox by specifying a scenario. E.g.:

daml sandbox -- --scenario Sample.LedgerSetupScenario

Is there an equivalent for DAML Scripts? I know this can be configured in daml.yaml, but I need this feature for daml sandbox.


There is no equivalent for daml sandbox. DAML Script is completely separate from Sandbox and does work against other ledgers as well. If you cannot use daml start and the init-script field you have to invoke daml script manually after starting sandbox.


May be a dull one, but can I start only the Sandbox with daml start? :thinking:

I quess this would work:

daml start --start-navigator no

You also need to disable the JSON API. daml start --start-navigator=no --json-api-port=none should do the trick.