--ide-ledger still a valid flag for daml script?

I was looking at ways to run and test scripts locally and came upon this section of the docs and a --ide-ledger flag. I gave it a brief try and got this error:

DA> examplecode  daml script --dar .daml/dist/examplecode-0.0.1.dar --script-name InitialState.Scripts:initCash --ide-ledger 
Error: Unknown option --ide-ledger
Error: Must specify either --ledger-host or --participant-config
Try --help for more information.

Looking in the CLI help gives no indication the --ide-ledger flag is an option for script. Is this a valid flag as the docs suggest or has it been deprecated as it seems as though it’s not a valid CLI flag?

Hey @DAMcQueen, could you please check which version of daml you are on? The ide-ledger flag is a relatively recent addition to the language. It should be working from Daml 2.7 onwards.