How can I use the output of Canton health dump?

The health.dump() command on the Canton console produces a zip file, as described here: Monitoring β€” Daml SDK 2.7.4 documentation

According to the docs, the zip contains the following information:

  • The configuration you are using, with all sensitive data stripped from it (no passwords).
  • An extract of the log file. Sensitive data is not logged into log files.
  • A current snapshot on Canton metrics.
  • A stacktrace for each running thread.

How can I use this zip file? If I unzip it, I get a file without extension, like local-13183906135862358075.

It’s not a text file, how can I extract the information from it?

It seems to be another zip file. If you unzip that you then get some readable stuff like log files (file is pretty useful on unix to figure out this kind of stuff).

Not quite sure why it zips things twice. That said, this is also not really intended as a format used internally but just as a convenient way to produce the info you should include when you report issues.

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Yes, thank you!