How can I submit several commands as one transaction using the Python binding (formerly Dazl)?

I couldn’t find this in the docs.

submit takes a list of commands. You can find an example in one of the tests.

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Thank you, Moritz.

This can be useful temporarily, though the dazl.client package will be deprecated: " The types in this class are scheduled to be deprecated in dazl v8.0.0 in favor of the symbols in the dazl.ledger package."

Maybe this feature is one of those which are only available here? As the docs put it: “They are not currently deprecated, as some functionality still only exists in these types.”

Sorry my bad, daazl.ledger also has the same method though dazl-client/ at 23078291536e932567abca54d735b36a7542354c · digital-asset/dazl-client · GitHub


Oh, that’s fantastic, thank you!