How can I make a contract visible for every party that has a specific Role on DamlHub

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I would like to create a contract that defines a bid, and I want the bid to be visible to every party that registered on my application as a bidder.
To do that, on my local sandbox, I created a “public” party and made this public party an observer to the bid template. And every new party that I added to the system was defined with the createUser command, and I set it with the readAs public.
How can I do the same on DamlHub?


Daml Hub automatically allocates Public party for every Daml Hub ledger. Once you’ve created a ledger for your app on Daml Hub, you can grab the Party Id and JWT for Public party from Daml Hub Console (see or using REST API (see

In addition to @a_putkov’s suggestion, we’re also adding support for the user management API to Daml Hub, hoping to have it out by early August. At that point, you’ll be able to do approximately the same thing you’re doing on sandbox on Hub.

That was exactly what I am looking for.
So, I assume I will be waiting until August :+1:


@cohen.avraham update on this - there’s been some schedule rejiggering and it looks more like end of August than beginning of August - I’ll post on this thread when it goes out the door.

G-d willing

Thanks for the update on this.