Getting NPM error

Hi ,
I am trying to follow the Youtube tutorial of DAML101 . While running second app, I am getting an error from npm.
I executed daml new MySecondDamlApp --template create-daml-app
2. daml build
3.daml start
4. in UI folder executed npm i & its not able to install packages.
please let me know , if I am doing something wrong or missed any steps .
attaching screenshot for refference.


@Virendra_Solanke Iā€™m not sure what is going on in your case. I did the following, which works without error:

  1. daml new MySecondDamlApp --template create-daml-app
  2. cd MySecondDamlApp
  3. daml start
  4. Opened new terminal.
  5. cd MySecondDamlApp/ui
  6. npm i

Perhaps there is a clue in the versions we are using? Here are mine:

> daml version
SDK versions:
  2.4.2 (project SDK version from daml.yaml)
> node -v
> npm -v

Any clues there?

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Thanks @WallaceKelly , I was using node 18x version. I downgrade it to 16x & working fine for me now.