Getting more info out of `LOCAL_VERDICT` errors

Canton 2.6.0-rc2 (2.6.0-snapshot.20230222.11471.0.d1a33784) logs LOCAL_VERDICT_LOCKED_KEYS errors. The problem is, error message doesn’t reveal the key being locked:

2023-03-09 21:04:59.365 [input-mapping-pool-11] INFO  c.d.p.i.p.ParallelIndexerSubscription - Storing Reject command 97ad7210-5d1d-4a50-a07f-046c56f3f1b2(): LOCAL_VERDICT_LOCKED_KEYS(2,3fc8dd8b): Rejected transaction is referring to locked keys  , context: {participant: "myparticipant", offset: "0000000000000053ca", update: {rejectionReason: {code: 10, message: "LOCAL_VERDICT_LOCKED_KEYS(2,3fc8dd8b): Rejected transaction is referring to locked keys ", definiteAnswer: false}, deduplicationPeriod: {offset: "000000000000000001"}, recordTime: "2023-03-09T21:04:57.955461Z", applicationId: "example", submitter: ["Alice::(somelongpartyhash)"], commandId: "97ad7210-5d1d-4a50-a07f-046c56f3f1b2"}} 

Is revealing the locked key a matter of some Canton logback configuration I’m not aware of?

How to manage this is described here:

Specifically, the information at:

will help locate the command ID (using this you can then identify the template and choice) and the contract ID (in the ResourceInfo block that is also logged).

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