forA with a list and additional parameter

In trigger, I am using forA to run a function over a list. Addiitional i want to pass the party which is running the trigger as a parameter to the same function. How do i do that.

here is the flow

list <- Query and filter contracts
apply function Func1 on the each contract on the list
Inside Func1, I am exercising a choice, where i need to specify who is the party that's exercising the choice

i tried

forA listContracts function1 party

function1 : ContractTemplate -> Party->TriggerA () ()
function1 contracts party = do

If there is no option, is there a way to pull the current party thats running the trigger with a function

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You can do something like this

rule party = do
  forA … (\c -> function1 c party)

It’s common to swap the arguments to such functions if you often use them this way, then you can do something like this:

function1 : Party -> ContractTemplate -> TriggerA () ()
function1 = …

rule party = do
  forA … (function1 party)
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