Extract choice arguments defined in DAML template from builded .dar file using dazl


I try to inspect .dar file using dazl.
Example of Python code:

dar = dazl.util.dar.DarFile("path_to_dar_file")
package_ids = list(get_dar_package_ids(dar="path_to_dar_file"))

for package_id in package_ids:
    bytes_dar = dar.package_bytes(package_id)
    archive = parse_archive(package_id, bytes_dar)

So, I can get Archive object and take from it Packages, Modules, Template, and finally Choices.
The choice is a TemplateChoice object.

Part of DAML code of the Choice:

    nonconsuming choice RequestToken: ContractId Token.TokenRequest
        token          : Text
        activationDate : Date
        expiryDate     : Optional Date

Is it possible to parse arguments, types of arguments, and informational if the argument is optional using dazl? I didn’t find such options. If there is not a such possibility is it possible to add it to dazl?

Thanks for support.