Documentation of operator fixity


DAML FP intro is mentioning the concept of fixity and is referring to the Haskell report for more details. That’s all good.

However, the DAML documentation does not mention the fixity of operators. In contrast, the Haskell documentation does, which I think it should, because the fixity of an operator affects is semantics, I would argue.

Is this something that can be added? Until then the workaround is to use the Haskell documentation under the assumption that the DAML implementation has chosen the same fixity for common operators.



Alternatively, use parentheses. That way, you don’t need to look up any fixity, and readers of your code don’t either.

Hi @Gary_Verhaegen

thanks for your response. The purpose of fixity is to avoid cluttering the code with too many parenthesis. I am thinking about operators like $, <$>, >>=, ., etc. I don’t think it’s practical to make their fixity explicit through parenthesis.

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Definitely a reasonable feature request but I expect it will take a while until we get around to it. I created Document fixity in daml-docs · Issue #9745 · digital-asset/daml · GitHub to track this.