Documentation for DA.Next.Set

I noticed the docs for DA.Next.Set are a bit sparse, and wondered if they could be expanded. difference's docs don’t really tell you what operation it performs, it would be good to give an example, particularly since I would guess its operation is not commutative, so knowing the order of the arguments is important.

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Some better docs would definitely be great! I’ll make sure difference gets updated. We are also happy to accept PRs for this. The docs are in the same module as the code at daml/Set.daml at c8f31ca16ad2821caf768061c4fc65ce6666142f · digital-asset/daml · GitHub


Improve docs for DA.Next.Set.difference by cocreature · Pull Request #6544 · digital-asset/daml · GitHub adds documentation and an example for difference.

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Thanks @cocreature, you’re a champ!