.dlint.yaml versus dlint.yaml

When I template a daml project, I get a .dlint.yaml file, which I can use to customise linting. When, however, I read through daml test --help, reference is made to a dlint.yaml file (no dot). Where is this (it appears to be suggesting an override) and does it provide broader control over linting?


Mod Note: As Shayne notes below dlint options should be left alone, and going forward these options won’t be shown within the help text of the daml assistant.

TL;DR dlint.yaml files should be left alone, .dlint.yaml files are for users to customize dlint behavior:

  • SDKs ship with a dlint.yaml;
  • These data files should be considered an implementation detail of the SDK and are not intended to be modified by SDK users in general;
  • To get project specific customizations of dlint behavior, .dlint.yaml files are the way.

The damlc command option --with-dlint allows one to “point” damlc at a directory containing a dlint.yaml. This option and the related options --allow-overrides and --without-dlint provide very fine-grained control over the behavior of dlint. They are unlikely to be terribly useful to SDK command line users who’d likely be satisfied by not providing these flags and sticking with the default damlc behaviors.