Debugging DAML when in Navigator

How do you inspect the error stack in Navigator? I can see the error logo displayed but I can’t get to the reason… apologies if really basic … but can’t find that in the doc …

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Navigator writes out a log file called navigator.log. That contains the error I believe. I’m not sure if you can see the details directly in the browser.

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Thanks for that. I was starting to look at that and it gives me some clues … do I have a way to increase the log level?.

You could in principle use a custom logback config file similar to how you can for sandbox How can I make debug statements visible in the sandbox logs?. However, that isn’t going to show you more information for a failed transaction afaict. All the relevant logs are already logged at error level.

In many cases the Ledger (eg Sandbox) logs more information about failed transactions than is returned via the Ledger API. The Ledger API can only give information that can’t cause privacy leaks, after all.

So it can be very useful to also check sandbox.log.

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Note that you need at least --log-level info to see failed commands in the sandbox log iirc.