Damlc: user error (Scenario service exited unexpectedly)

Hello DA,
I am stumbled into issue. I have pretty big set of test cases to run and they failed with the message:

$> damlc: user error (Scenario service exited unexpectedly)
(Linux, RAM 15Gb, set java Xmx, Xms == 12Gb, DAML SDK 2.5.0)

It failed without any other message and I don’t know how to investigate the root cause

The same code on windows failed with “Increase page file size” --resolution in progress.

What command did you run for this to happen? What version of the SDK are you on?

daml test

The problem definitely with memory size, because we checked memory consumption and the java process killed when memory becomes insufficient.
The goal is to get coverage. On my local [windows] machine with 32G also is not enough.