Daml.yaml for different environments

Hi there, I’m new to DAML. May I know if there’s any “profile name” command line arguments (like maven profile) that the developer can pass to “daml start” or “daml build” in order to specify which daml.yaml to use for which environment? Thanks in advance.

Hi @charlie.ng and welcome to the forum. The SDK assistant currently does not support build profiles. If you want to have a different project descriptor in different environments you’ll need to address this by hand, perhaps by keeping several “candidate” daml.yaml files and use a symbolic link to use the one that’s relevant for you in a given environment.

For my understanding, what is it exactly that you would like to achieve? What are the different environments and what would you like to happen differently across them?

Thanks a lot!

It was for init-script to be initialized in different environments. But I kind of found a way to do this - by specifying init.canton in different Canton environments.